Rich began playing guitar at the age of 17 and seriously began to learn the instrument at the age of 18. Rich credits Judas Priest’s Screaming For Vengeance, Black Sabbath’s Live Evil albums and early AC/DC as the “spark” that got him interested in playing the guitar. Upon hearing Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” Rich states,”That it was all over from there and I seriously began to practice the guitar and learn songs from Master of Puppets, Ride The Lighting and Kill ‘Em All. I was also learning a lot of the early Iron Maiden songs and anything I found interesting.” Those interests included Pantera, Led Zeppelin, and Sepultura. Rich began playing in bands by 19 and has been a member of Central New York bands Terminal Reign and Coalition. Rich began to teach guitar in 2000 at the Carmen Caramanica Music Instruction Studios and continues to do so. In 2005, Rich began to write and record Heathen Machines and released it in 2006. Burnt Shadows was released in 2009 as the follow up to Heathen Machines. Rich sites guitarists Jimmy Page, Kirk Hammett, Darrell “Dimebag” Abbott, and Al DiMeola. His song writing is inspired by Led Zeppelin, Pantera, Prong, Obituary, Black Sabbath, “old school” Metallica and Sepultura to name a few. Rich states, “I am influenced by many bands, guitar players and styles but the ones I mentioned above are the main ones. I try to not “pigeon hole” myself as a player. My goal is to be versatile musician.” Was signed to independent record label AZRA International as member of Terminal Reign. Was a featured artist on the Milwaukee Metal Fest Compilation CD in 1996 as member of Coalition. In 2008, Heathen Machines became the musical score to Mad Angel Films release The Abandoned. Has written and recorded the film score to Mad Angel Films release Star-Cross’D and Seize The Day in 2009. Had selected music from Heathen Machines and Burnt Shadows in 2009 documentary Before, During and After Woodstock 99. Terminal Reign (5 song self titled EP) 1993 Coalition (6 song self titled EP) 1995 Coalition All Purpose Grind (Full Length CD) 1997 Heathen Machines (Full Length Instrumental CD) 2006 Burnt Shadows (Full Length Instrumental CD) 2009 Star-Crossed (Musical Score for Mad Angel Films Release Star-Cross’D) 2009 Seize The Day (Musical Score for Mad Angel Films Release Seize The Day) 2009