Music In Goblin Films Old Blood 

Rich is pleased to announced Warbride, Disaster Experience, Libido Unleashed and Coffin Nail from previous releases Heathen Machines and Burnt Shadows have been featured in Goblin Films latest film titled Old Blood. Based in Milton Keyes, United Kingdom Goblin Films is planning additional releases. 

Music In Goblin Films Release 

Rich is proud to announce that Goblin Films, Ltd. will feature selected songs Heathen Machines and Burnt Shadows releases in a 2015 film titled Old Blood. Based in the United Kingdom, Goblin Films, Ltd. is an independent film company that has a number of upcoming releases in the horror genre.

Featured songs will include Warbride, Libido Unleashed, Disaster Experience and Coffin Nail at various points in the film. Rich states, "I'm ecstatic Goblin Films has created this opportunity for me and I'm looking…

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DTM Wicked Radio Interview 

Rich will be interviewed by Tiffani from DTM Wicked Radio on 1/1/14 at 8pm. To listen to the interview go to the Links Page and click on the DTM Wicked Radio Link.

Burnt Shadows review 

RICH FORTUNA, guitarist since long, contacted me around the end of 2007 for a review of his latest album at that time, "Heathen Machines", which came out in September 2006. I had never heard of the man, but I was pleasantly surprised by what he had composed on his first album. All songs were instrumental and that's both good and less good. Good, for there is already enough material out there WITH vocals. Less good, for vocals may somehow be needed after all, depending on the song. Rich used influences from…

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